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Vintage Videogame Print Adverts #2 – Taito

Trying desperately to form some order out of the chaotic stack of scans, Taito is today’s focus….

 Renegade, Sky Shark, Bubble Bobble & Operation Wolf
Taito 1988

Remember “Operation Wolf” Arcade?  Remember the feeling of a real Uzi Machine Pistol rattling away in you hands, spraying Commando justice in South America?  Remember when seeing 16 colours on an arcade cab screen was a near-religious experience?  Remember “Bubble Bobble”?  Remember Lizards burping bubbles at angry enemies? Just fuck off.  Remember “Renegade”?  Remember the arcade cab had three buttons?  See your NES pad?  Only two there mate.  Remember “Sky Shark”? No, me neither.
In reading this, you have sustained a lethal injury. Sorry, but you are finished here.  

“Force of One”
Wrath of the Black Manta
 Taito 1990

In the late eighties / early nineties, kids didn’t want to be celebs or hipsters, life was a lot less simple than that.  Unless you had you sights set on being a stuntman, pro-BMXer or Ninja you were officially “retarded” or “gay” and in many countries in the developed world it was perfectly legal to publicly humiliate those who didn’t aspire to walk as quiet as a cat while throwing stars made of empty Coke-cans, or if they lacked the ability to throw themselves down the stairs onto a pile of blankets, boxes and pillow while mum and dad are out of the house.  File under “window into my childhood”.

“Master The Power”
 Demon Sword
 Taito 1990

What’s to say?  The advert is pretty lightweight, but what is possible more awesome than the Falzetta-inspired box art?  God it makes me feel manly.  Ooohhh-yeahh! (poses).  Might go and punch a cow in the face later.