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Not on a School Night. Not Again.

Tears of joy – just got served in the boozer
By “served” I mean “kicked out” of another town boozer

Left now to claw at all the passers bye
Bottle of meths and a glint in my eye

Speaking in tongues like a crazy priest
Due to the effects of my alcohol feast

Pants full of shit feeling suitable greased
Could be a lot worse; it’s all mine at least.

Shouting “s’av ya cunt” at the lovely ladies
Gobbing at cars and keying Mercades

puking in my mouth while screaming at coppers
It’s the perfect soundtrack for the late night shoppers

The warming of my trousers filling with piss
Sticking out my tongue like Hillary Briss

Sitting in the doorway of Walkabout Bar
Clutching at the porn mag bought from the Spar

Speaking in tongues is plainly bizzare
Wonder why my chat up lines aren’t getting me far

Time to to get out of this disgraceful plight
Time to drive home at the speed of light

It’s not that I’m homeless – just an alcoholic plight
I wish this didn’t happen every weekday night