EGX 2016: Where were Microsoft and Nintendo ?!



EGX 2016 was a marvellous, broad, enthusiastic expo, held in the world’s greatest city of Burmingum.

But there was something amiss – as if millions of nerds suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.  It genuinely didn’t become apparent to us until about three or four hours in when Bouncy pointed it out…  There was no sign of any dedicated Microsoft or Nintendo stands.

Our completely made up Lolocaust sources have put their tattered ears to the ground and come back with a list of DEFINITIVE reasons why the two behemoths of gaming aren’t here this year:

They were in the bogs.  We’ve all been there – first day in a foreign country – everything is all lard-dee-darr then BLAM – for five hours straight your body somehow creates, then evacuates, 12 pints of scalding hot rusty water through an acid-burned balloon knot.  .
Probability = 80%

Following June’s Brexit…

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