EGX 2016: Calorie Survival Guide

I Dun Dis too.


We at the Lolocaust bedsit headquarters know how tiring it can be keeping you the reader up to date with the latest news and gossip from the world of PornHub popular culture.

Our team (us) was sent to EGX 2016 this week to discover the latest and greatest the world of videogames (one word) has to offer.  Only one problem – they (we) were going to be WALKING AROUND for in excess of 8 hours.

Between queuing and meandering around stalls, our team (just us two) may burn UP TO 1000 CALORIES!!! A seriously dangerous undertaking for sedate middle-aged men in cosplay.

Leaving the Lolocaust flat nerve-centre unprepared is fraught with danger – one could easily die of malnutrition or simply “turn to dust” if the correct levels of food and drink are not consumed during a gruelling day of hard-core churnalism.

Here’s our DEFINITIVE guide to safe and measured…

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