[The following is an example of how my work is constructed.  I started and continued for 20mins without editing.  An insight into how an article appears to me when presented with a blank page.  I’ve left the piece virgin, without edit or spellcheck.  I bet that hurts.]

Here’s the deal.  I wake up feeling refreshed and look at my alarm clock.

It’s 6:40am.

On a weekday this is a problem.  I need to get up around 5:40am.

Sure the extra hour in bed feels just fine. I don’t remember pressing snooze for an hour.

Well the purpose of this page is to hit my writing quota.  Writing breeds writing.  Reading breeds reading.

I’m pretty sure writer’s block doesn’t exist.  It’s writer’s fear which gets in the way.  Fear of producing something of little value and maybe having to rewrite or even delete massive amounts of work as it wasn’t up to scratch.

I’m out of practice.  Little over a month ago I agreed with myself to set aside time every day to write, just as I had done a few years previously.

Now I’m never going to change the world.  At most I might have a few people read and feedback some of my work.  At least I’d amuse myself in the process.

There’s only a couple of people who subscribe to this blog, and I’m not really going to write my memories here, so no chance of weirdness.

There was a moment where I was floating about 3 inches about my bed.  Just staring.

Doing this every weekday for a month or so will blow out the odd cobwebs and in the process may give me a few themes to explore / fleshed out.

With the exception of “Mad Old Dr Ham C Hock” I’m trying to not go in with a theme from the start.  I (we) just write, write, write, write until something cohesive and coherent pops on the page.  Then perform a heavy edit.  Then look to remove about 25% more.

My writing is very waffly and I put much to much in.  The golden rule is always edit and remove another quarter of the words.

[The above is great example of the 25% – I repeated myself and there’s little secondary impact]

20 minutes provides a fair bit if it’s a brain fart.  But not much from scratch theme.  That’s why I get much more from developing even a small pre-existing “clump” ALREADY written, than trying to write to a theme from scratch or write to a heading.

Just realised that in adding the subtext of “how my work is created” it’s kinda influencing what I’m typing.  This might not be much of a surprise.  Just interesting.  To me.  And my MASSIVE FOOT (don’t start – ed).

I think I like the reader to think I’m having a conversation with myself.  Slightly deranged or at least on the cusp of a pretend nervous breakdown – pretty sure I’ve referenced that before about 1000 times.

Got about three minutes left of the twenty and I’m going back into the text and thinking about how this will end.  I mean it doesn’t have to.  Say if I was going to come back to it (under normal circumstances) I would just click “SAVE TO DRAFT” then pop back, grow it, cop it down THEN publish.

I’d spend a couple of minutes finding a trashy image to support the article (the brain one will do) and them add some stupid search tags to it.  I mean proper stupid.  Then click publish….

[That’ll do – ed]


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