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The anti-harrasment petition and my position on #GamerGate

My buddy “Slik” Vik Spacemidget has always been a bit angry.
He got real mad at a game thing recently.
His blood was boiling so hard, he started writing in a blind rage.
This is his great first-post, setting out a market stall of his artisan rage-wares.
Long may his anger well up inside of him.


When all the major games sites posted news articles on the anti-harassment petition, I posted a comment on Much to my surprise, delight (and frankly a bit of concern) my comment has since entered Twitter via a screengrab. Some have asked if I could put it into a blog as it summarises a lot of what #GamerGate means to people, so here you go!…

You don’t need a petition with a statement like that because 99% of all people would agree with it.

You keep making out that THIS is the issue when the real problem has been discussed time and again, in detail, on various blogs and vlogs –nepotism, censorship and the potentially risky practice of given some people more exposure/sales/money/PR because they got threatened by a fucking arsehole somewhere.

You want to make it an issue of inclusiveness to deflect attention away from any…

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