Monthly Archives: January 2011


He poked the hole he’d just made, sucked his teeth, grimaced, swallowed and pushed his forefinger in, just up to the second knuckle.  It felt warmer and wetter than the rest of it.  Certainly more alive than he expected.  He withdraws, lifting up to his nose to give it a sniff.  It smelt metallic, and maybe beefy.  He shook his head and goes back to the hole, gently pushing two fingers in – just the tips.  The hole drains a little, stretches and tears slightly.  The extra play in the knife wound allows him to hook the fingers back on themselves, creating a handle of sorts in his dead mother’s abdomen.  It feels strong, so he gives it a tug.  His fingers slip around inside but the handle doesn’t give up. So he pulls harder.  Like a bowling ball, he lifts up what’s left of her body up – just part of the head, the torso and left leg.  A pint of hot, clear liquid fluid drains a gaping socket.  The tiny handhold silently splits open and the body drops back down.

The person that he was 24 hours ago has long gone; replaced by a curious creature.  It neither recognises the corpse nor does it recognise itself, nor will it remember the events of today.

Fortunately for the last 14 hours, including the last few hours of the corpse, from the corner of the room, Adam had been watching the whole thing.