Monthly Archives: April 2010

The award for best campaign name goes to…

With a name like THAT the Tory marketeers needn’t have bothered hiring the Saatchi Brothers; just stick Jackie in as Shadow Home Secretary and let the fun begin….
“Delivering change” just doesn’t cut it.  “Striking fear into the Labour Government.”  Yes!!  “Can you smell the fear?” errr.  “Jackie Fear’s Change.”  Oh that doesn’t work.  “Jackie Fear’s working for you”. aaahm..  “We have nothing to Fear but Fear itself.”  I.. err.. it.. err. “Fear is nothing but an over-reaction.” Wha.. bu..  “What is fear but an opportunity to over-come fear and to prove yourself master of that which is nothing but …fear.”  Is that us?  “Fear not for the future.”  Oh Shit.

As my shoddily assembled examples suggest, if the abuse of her surname isn’t carried out in gas-tight manner, the grammar monkeys will take great glee in grabbing hold of the campaign steering wheel and start plowing the Election bus straight through the local sewage treatment plant, straight into the proverbial.

You know what?  Scrub it.