Still holding a rose-tinted-torch for Ye Olde Shiny Red Car, two franchises popped up recently to tempt me back to aggressively tearing around virtual public highways, byways and airports while tucked into my Sofa Xr3i, protected only by my pants and slippers.  They are Blur and Split Second.

After fucking around with the Blur demo, it got deleted.  With the Split Second Demo now available.  I thought it was time to done the fire-proof dressing-gown, attach the racing helmet-hair (with a secure chinstrap beard) and take it for a spin.

NB: The guys over at Lolocaust will no-doubt have opinions far more valid than my own due to their Burnout OCD.  And they will no doubt be able to present said opinions in a grammatically correct and intellectually stimulating manner.  So why not wait for someone with half an ounce of sense before reading on.

Oh hello.  Split Second demo consists of farting and drinking coffee around 3 laps in single player mode, while trying to fuck up your opponents with button presses.  Simple really.
Where if differs from Blur and Mariokart is that it’s execution is even simpler: aggressive power is built up in the usual way but it’s spent not on firing stuff, but on….

 Throwing a few of these.

 Collapsing a few of these.

 Crash-landing a soupcon of these.

 And dropping a few of these.

What’s not to like?  One small word about the camera.  If ever you’ve worried about the motion-sickness-inducing effect of some first-person-shooters – here’s a tip – switch to bumper camera.
Due to the game being directed by Paul Greengrass, the out-of-car view will almost certainly cause…

Which always takes a while to scrub out of Primarni pants, Matalan dressing-gowns and cheap draylon sofas.  Be warned.


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