Blips! – The First Book of Video Game Funnies #5

Hey readers – I didn’t expect to see you here today.  I thought you’d be home studying for the big history test.  What’s the point of studying?

Well, we can be here listening to a random gaming-baker tear apart every facet of a vintage videogame joke-book, deconstructing a literary turd with the grace, tact and relevance of Paul Weller’s barber.

Apart from the fact the the background appears to be filled with the cries of Viz’s Finbarr Saunders (woop, eeee, spoit, dit dit, glup glup glup, wooooo, pook pook, oink)  there appears to be a major issue with the scoring system.

To further pick desperately at the rotten comedy carcass like a sarcastic Marabou stalk, one has to pay close attention to the retarded score progression going from 6 Million to 212 Billion in the space of four sentences, one can only assume that “Mark” is either an “1337 H4X0R” or is playing a precursor to the modern swarm-em-up that currently plagues my nightmares and XBL leader-board.

With hindsight, it’s easy to dismiss “100” being the highest score possible.  The modern phenomenon of juking statistics or grades should not pass us by.  From 2012 expect a series of symbols suffixing Xbox360 shoot-em-up scores, just so PS3 owners can brag about their game format being tougher and more “hardcore”.

Nothing funny to see here, please move along.  Move along now.

Once again.  This is me.  This is you…. The cartoon (and post I might add) is so depressing, even his glasses are down-turned and frowning.



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