Sometimes I Just LOSE IT!

Childish I know.  Oh and while I’m here…
Enjoy playing rugby in giant-venomous-spider-infested
Australia, Danny.

3 thoughts on “Sometimes I Just LOSE IT!

  1. Glenn Slagg says:

    Interesting that he is at his happiest playing rugby. As opposed to banging Kelly Brook.


  2. Cunzy11 says:

    I was going to point out in a “gaming is yet to reach a popular masses level acceptance” kind of way, that if you answered 'When were you happiest?' with 'When I am playing video games' then every Graudian reader would think you were some massive twat. However, then I realised that I think Danny is a massive twat purely because of his answer to the question so I guess my point was moot?


  3. DrHamHock says:

    Your point was pin sharp in the japsy-tip.
    In the end.


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