Monthly Archives: March 2010

Tuesday Night Film Club #2

“Berubera Riin (or Berbera Lynn if you so prefer) wakes sacred monster via the traditional method of a catchy little J-Pop number. Luckily for all involved Mechgodzilla decides to stand around and listen for a bit instead of pumping the bunny eared shit full of rockets from the word go.”
Couldn’t have put it better myself.

This was linked via the 7″ Cinema (not a reference to the good Doctor’s amateur sex-tapes, I might add).  Great (old) AS-Level Art Project.  Rolf Harris would be creaming his kegs at this one.  Cartoon Club’d it.

And this one is plainly fucked up close-quarters magic tricks.  Starts a little lame and get’s stripped back, then stripped back, then stripped back so much so that, by the end I was expecting the LOLand magician to open up some galactic singularity and disappear off into it.