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With SMG2 dropping, it’s time to revisit this old chestnut again…

Nintendo’s Wii owners recently saw a free “product” made available to them called “Check Mii Out”. This quite frankly hilarious node allows wii owners to anonymously submit the user-created characters into competitions or simply for perusal by other Wii users, who in turn can download the creations to their consoles.

Nintendo is noted for it’s strict online safety regulations and, in the usual way, has put the “Check Mii Out” interface in the envelope. There is no way of naming, or putting ownership to the uploaded Miis and they are only categorised using Gender and Talent, along with an initial to represent the name. This is to avoid possible transfer of a child’s (or adult’s for that matter) personal information and to keep offensive words and imagery out of the the happy happy fluffy Wii world.

While browsing some of the amazing creations on the “Check Mii Out Channel” one character “stuck out” from the other, randomly selected Miis. His face was designed to resemble not that of a man nor woman, but of another creature, probably not of this Earth. His initials were, interestingly “D.H.” Can you guess what the initials stood for?

I think some clever so and so managed to slip this one through the Nazintendo Road Block. It’s a cock and his name is Richard Head; in case the lobvious simply isn’t lobvious enough.
Following this revelation I utilised the built-in facility known as “Call Friends” which will search for SIMILAR THEMED / NAMED MII’S.

Suddenly the shitty search facility is right on the money. Infact, as you will see in the following images, it’s right on the money shot. I love Nintendo. Here’s Dickhead’s friends for your viewing pleasure…..

A motley crew, lead by what looks like Dr Bunsen Honeydew from the Muppet Show.
Let’s have closer look…. meep meep meep

Ah, no, I was wrong. It’s not Dr Bunsen Honeydew.
It’s a big cock and balls. 😦

Here’s a “friend”. “Mr Richard Face”. He’s pastey like me.
The sack area appears to be in “Winter Sports” mode.

Wey Aye!!! Another Richard Heed. This time he’s “crying”.
Poor Richard. We are crying too.
Frantically crying.

Another friend, Mr David Hunt appears to have a Lunar Orbiter attached to his chin.
See that little “droplet”? That’s the moon.
His favorite position is Space Missionary.
“Mr Dick King” displays a lovely abstract representation of his local Mosque.
Or it could just be a big cock and balls.

Meet “Mr David Hall”,
with a face resembling a Penile Pachinko machine.

Dear God.