Monthly Archives: August 2009

In case you or Kotakunt missed it…you didn’t!

Driving around some fields for the benefit of a filthy foreigner, I took the opportunity to fill up some CDs for the road trip. During my 12 twelve mix tape compilation session, I stumbled upon and burned “30 years of hip-hop in 60 seconds” By Jaguar Skillz. The scope of this mix is utterly preposterous and should be grabbed quickfast, especially as it’s free from his blog.

The “30 years” track led me to the two-part two-hour mp3 entitled “The Jaguar Skillz Computer Game Shoooooo!” done for the Wireless Beeb when they were running a really embarrassing VG season. It’s music and it’s awesome awesome awesome and goes on and on and on. Like the “30 years” track, the momentum is ruthless, never letting up or drawing breath and they make you want to get the fuck out of work and straight into gridlocked traffic, windows wound down, farting, smoking and jerking the volume up fullbest.