1vs100 – Number 1 Champion – The Evidence..

The mighty HamHock does it again… and they doubt the validity of my 1vs100 answering skills..

After collecting my copy of PuzzleQuest and 800pts I subsequently rewarded myself with this poor image.


5 thoughts on “1vs100 – Number 1 Champion – The Evidence..

  1. DrHamHock says:

    Curse you BBhall.


  2. Cunzy11 says:

    Am I the only one who has to look at a 360 pad to see which button is which? I don't have that problem with any other pad.

    Fucking Resident Evil 5 and your QTEs.


  3. DrHamHock says:

    No, you are not alone, as the white and black man once said.

    Translation is often required whenever real friends play games in my house. As follows:

    Me: “Press A”
    Them: “What's A?”
    Me: “The green one”
    Them: “eh?”
    Me: “Where X used to be”
    Them: “Oh ok, but there's an X on the left”
    Me: “FFS the one in the middle at the bottom”
    Them: “What's 'fire' again”?
    Me: “oma oma oma oma”


  4. Cunzy11 says:

    Good. Good.

    Thought I was getting old.


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