“Eleven year old Max from Hall Green, Birmingham has demonstrated just how easy it is for anyone of any age to show their support. Max very kindly donated his PlayStation 2 along with 30 games to the fragile lives appeal to help limited children to have fun.
Max chose to support the appeal after learning about Acorns through his favorite team – Aston Villa – who display our name our name on their football shirts and will be supporting Acorns throughout the appeal.
A big thank you to Max!”

Living in Birmingham. +75pts
Binning off your god awful POS2. +200pts
Binning it off for free “just for the lulz”. +50pts
Owning “American Chopper”. +25pts
Sneaking the face of Batista into the photo. + 125pts
Supporting The Villa. +100pts
Owning PES and FIFA. -300pts
Probably knowing where Aston Villa play their home games. +5pts
The look on the “limited children’s” faces when they were expecting an Xbox360. +1000pts
Grand Total = 1280pts

“A big thank you to Max!” From the barrall-scraping Dr HamHock


2 thoughts on “Max WINS

  1. Cunzy11 says:

    The selection of games is a snapshot of what the yoof are playing. It also looks like every pre-owned section in GAME and Gamestation up and down the country.



  2. DrHamHock says:

    Indeed – Acorns hospice getting in on the Part-Ex business with ULTRA LOSS LEADERS.


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