True Stories of Credit Crunch Gaming

A three-year-old story for the struggling gamers in this current economic climate….

Firstly, scour a Cornish beach for money. Like a tramp would…

Find a £5 note.

Unlike a tramp, take it to PLAYLAND.
Change £5 into 2p pieces.
Hammer the Penny-Pusher cabinets.

40 minutes later and all coins used, cash-up and count winnings:
Down! 32p

Cane the Lucky Dip.

Win these hot WAREZ.

Buy Cookbook warez – at a high price.

Buy Cider-Tramp-Warez and a Cola.

Total Profit 3p.

Next week we look at how to steal from a beggar in order to obtain 4 credits for Virtua Cop.


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