Hi! Remember me?

Still deciding what to do with this after 9 months…
I’ve left my 486 running constantly now for the whole period.
Is it still there?
Could be screenburn on my 15″ CRT.
My Body’s saying “yes”, but my mind’s saying “no”.
The prompt box says both “yes” and “no”.
My soul says “yes”, but my tears cry “not again”.

Nah, Still Unsure.
This is more easily understoood….

*Scratches head*
It’s called “Shitting Dicknipples”.
I know where I am with it.
Still lost about the whole yes / no things.
You still here?
Me too.
So is the question.
Remember that, next time your Uncle Bob offers you a “special biscuit”.


2 thoughts on “Hi! Remember me?

  1. mute says:

    next time that popup comes up

    just fuck it off mate

    tell it NO

    ERASE that shit from existenz


  2. DrHamHock says:

    Wise words Brother Mute.

    But surely that would leave me with even less material to regurgitate.


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