Welcome Back

The General Practice of DoctorHock
Floor 2
Bonnie House
Little Wanger
West Midlands

Friday January 2nd 2009

Dear Patient,

Happy New Year. No, I mean it. Maybe more happy for me than for you, but happy all the same.

Having now opened our new facilities here in the heart of the UK, we are pleased to announce that all applicants for practicional registration are GUARANTEED a full, honest, professional and thorough treatment including a free mental health check.

Please do not be put off by the rumours of my absence. I was in no way involved in the systematic euthanising of 326 pensioners over a 9 month period and I did not, in any way, trick my way into the financial rewards associated with the subsequent inheritance of said victims. I mean patients.

We wish you a long pleasant stay.

Kind regards



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