Monthly Archives: January 2009

Tom Yum Goong

Apart from sounding like a sphincter-scorching oriental side-dish, “Tom Yum Goong” (or The Warrior King as it is sometimes known) has planted it’s roundhouse on the surgery DVD player again. Only this time around, the timing of the action is so much better.

DrHamHock has suffered from reoccurring shoulder dislocations for many years and over the xmas season he saw fit to have the crap-joint all sewn back together again by a REAL Doctor. On the first day out of the support-sling, he accidentally chose to watch the Thailand snap-em-up “Tom Yum Goong”.

With more bone-breaks, joint-dislocations and tissue-tearing, ripping and twisting, Tom Yum Goong could be mistaken for the induction video at the Kentucky Fried Chicken’s meat rendering plant. It’s soundtrack was made by a fat man walking over some bubble-wrap for 60minutes while randomly snapping twigs in his hands. It’s story is a Roger Hargreaves book shoe-horned-horrifically into one hour of broken plywood and overextended kneecaps.

More snap-crackle-&-pop than your average breakfast cereal, our Fried-Rice Crispies of a film has very little blood other than the pools of it no-doubt welling up as haematomas inside the joints of 200 anonymous henchmen flying lifelessly through the air into something hard.

The Doctor will watch something a little less wince-worthy next time he leaves someone else’s surgery.