Nescafe Civet Blend

Neighbour Sue has been caught short and pops next door to ring the doorbell of her neighbour Keith. The advert opens with a close-up shot of a doorbell and a well manicured finger. The bell rings and Keith opens the door.

Sue: Look, I’m sorry to bother you but I’m having a dinner party and I’ve run out of coffee.

Keith raises an eyebrow while letting Sue through the front door.
Keith: Come in!

Keith reaches in kitchen cupboard and peers cheekily from behind an open cupboard door.
Keith: Will Civet Blend be too good for your guests?

Sue responds, recognising the his flirting and smiles.
Sue: Oh, I think they could get used to it.

Keith: It’s a very sophisticated coffee

Sue, taking offence
Sue: They have very sophisticated taste.

Amused by the way Sue bit back, Keith creases the corner of his mouth with a wry smile.
Keith: Do they?

Sue is now visibly annoyed by the, now-cocky, Civet-drinking Keith.
Sue: Yes.

Amused by the way she “blazed” the cocky Keith, causing a rather large and embarrassing pause in the conversation, Sue smiles and turns to leave. Sue: Well I must be getting back

Cuts to pack shot of Civet Blend with voice-over.

Voice Over: “Now Golden Roasted, Richer, Smoother,
Even more shat-out-by-a-cat… Civet Blend”.

Cuts to Sue’s dinner party and to a now-civet-drinking-guest
Guest: Have you met your new neighbour yet?

Sue smiles nostalgically to herself.
Sue: Oh, I’ve….. “Popped in for coffee”.

Sue carries on smiling and remembering that wonderful encounter with Keith earlier. The shot then fades out.

“Now Golden Roasted, Richer, Smoother,
Even more shat-out-by-a-cat…. Civet Blend”.



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