Blips – # 2

Still here? As funny as the bastard love-child of Barry Chuckle and Bobby Davros. As funny as a poo-pie. As funny as cancer. As funny as the rest of this website.

“Get it?
Get it?
AIDS? Get it?
Hey what were you expecting?
A joke?”
And that’s just the second page.

Even more hilarity next time as we try to pass the wretched, stinging and oversize joke-stool through a tiny, dry, haemorrhoidic balloon-knot while chewing on a piece of said poo-pie.


One thought on “Blips – # 2

  1. Cunzy11 says:

    I actually cannot wait for the next installment. Where do you go from the jokes used on the front cover and second page? Surely you don’t use up all the good jokes so early?


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