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Blips – The First Book of Video Game "Funnies" (1983) #1

Here’s the first in a series of excruciatingly unfunny pages from “The First book of Video Game Funnies”, penned originally by an unfunny man called “Jovial Bob Stine”.

Maybe I’m being a little harsh, but the ancient tome which is about to be put under my scanner is very much a victim of the culture of videogames and the videogame market: fast moving, ultra trendy, ultra fanatic, uber fickle. The resultant “comedy” is formed from it’s embarrassingly old references and the fact it was originally published in a country more famous for cheeseburgers than one-liners.

For the more youthful, ignorant and attention deficit of you, please note that when the “jokes” refer to the “coins” or “quarters”, it’s referring to a moment in the dark ages of gaming when people left their homes to play video games.

Also if you’re confused about the use of the term “can of soda” it means “can of soda”. Before multinationals became too lazy to be bothered to distinguish between American’t English” and English, and localise products accordingly, we would have called it a “can of pop” or “orangeade” and saved the bottletops for a 10p return. Thankfully all you cretins born too late to be useful will be quite used to the terms “soda”, “color”, “math”, “Will. I. Am” and “jerk-offs”.

And that’s just the front cover.

More hilarity next time as we try to slowly post the whole horrible mess, page by page before someone gets the hump over copyright infringement.