Dear Patrons

The Surgery
84b Harley Street

Wednesday 9th April 2008

Dear Patrons,

It’s been dry period the last few weeks what with work gripping the shit out of us all (medical term) coupled with my panicked attempt at infiltrating IOC all on top of my trying to steal enough cash from the local charity-shops to allow the Surgery to close while I’m away in Africa, where man began.

The completely wonderful Mrs HamHock (who is also a nurse in this fine establishment I might add) has only gone and booked a holiday in the sun for us both.

Wonderful. Spending three months caring for injured wildebeest in a west-African ju-ju camp is not my idea of kicking-back I can tell you. What?

Ah if only all of this (with the exception of little miss HamHock) wasn’t a figment of my imagination, my surgery might actually start treating patients who don’t only have lactating boils, rectal-pipe-twists and/or prolapsed vaginas.

Until next time. Until next time.

Kind regards

Dr HamHock MD


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