El Casi Immunitas

‘Bividus Digestivum’ or ‘Bifido Bacterium’.
Turning bums into double-barreled shotguns.
Farting out your hole like a big bass drum.
Leaving all the air with a familiar hum.

‘Lactobacillus Regularis’
Forcing dung out just like a Polaris.
If not a solid ‘missile’ then probably in bits.
So many brown-bombs it’ll feel like the ‘Blitz’.

Now due to the poo, ‘Fritz’ is quitting hitting Britain,
Sitting at home he simply can’t stop his shitting.

“Lactobacillus regularis”
Turns your colon into a Shit-Brown Tardis.
The tiny bott-hole-exit hides a bigger illusion.
As inside, your colon now holds a 500ft extrusion.
It’s very name suggests you’ll get the regular squits
Whatever happened to a spoonful of ‘Syrup of Figs’?

El Casi Immunitas;
‘evacuatum’ your ‘stinkumass’
New rectum freedom:
no ‘troublesillius tagnutium’

‘Stoolitum liquidium’; not quite like ‘Liquid Snake’.
Videogame poo floating in a probiotic lake.
Metal Gear ‘Solid’ is now Metal Gear ‘Fluid’
Praying to the pan like ancient stealth Druid.

A ‘Probiotic Culture’.
Attacking like a vulture.
Pecking at your bottom-eye.
Forcing out your Cottage Pie.

What a load of pseudo-scientific ‘boswelox’


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