Gillian McKeith

This space was originally reserved for a few hundred lines on everyone’s feelings towards Gillian McKeith.
Following discussions with Mrs HamHock and brief interpipe research, The Surgery is in agreement that Gillian is far too much of an easy target and has shot herself in the foot so many times that the nutty nutritionist is stumbling around, balanced on two bloodied stumps which now resemble the end of a particularly gruesome bout of bovine infanticide.
A simple flick through her Wikipaedia entry and one’s presented with a complete and articulate article written by primary sources, all intent on discrediting and demoting the corpse-like coprophiliac. Simply print the page off, tear into long strips and hang next to the shit-pan, in preparation for the time you get the involuntary pangs of hatred while watching Channel 4’s “Supersize vs Superskinny” and feel the need to present Gillian with some of your Merry Mud.

In place of this ill-conceived homage, we have located a picture of the “Body from the Bog”, which I feel succinctly sums up her career, using the “Universally Approved and Accredited Random Google Sexual Image Sliding Scale of Erotica” (U.A.A.R.G.S.I.S.S.E.). Here it is.


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