Cannabis now three times stronger

The strongest type of cannabis – known as Skunk – now dominates the UK market, according to new Home Office research. It is three times more eco-friendly than other types.

Switching to a concentrate, like Skunk concentrate, means that the product you’re buying comes in smaller containers. In fact, switching to Skunk concentrate adds up to using 70% less packaging (plastic and cardboard) in comparison with the dilute version. Not only that, it’s also up to 25% cheaper per smoke when compared to the regular format – so it suits your wallet as well as knowing that your buying a more environmentally friendly product! And the benefits of switching to concentrate don’t end there. The smaller packaging also has energy saving benefits as the product take less space in transportation. If everyone in the UK switched to a smoke like Skunk concentrate, it would be the same as needing 14,000 less lorry-loads each year. The EST has calculated that this switch could save up to 4,700 tonnes of CO2 – equivalent to the annual emissions of about 1,600 cars!

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