Grab a Copy Today

“The best game ever. Super fast Realistic Hyper fighting at its best. Virtual Fights, Spirit Caliber, and Tekine are nothing compared to this masterpiece. boasting a total of Infinite characters this will hold your attention for all of time until the next 3d fighter maker. play with up to all of your friends on 2 player mode.

Featuring Innovatice Arcadition mode with HyperSensitive Computer Intelligence Adaptive mode this game makes a great stocking stuffer. Comes with the new Unique one button control gamepad that makes it easy and intuitive for all ages. Combos are done through complex button pressing where you must use speed and frustration to win the battles.

Boasting a total of 34 different colors in Almost but not quite High Definiton. The graphics are 12x better than Street Brawler.

This is without a doubt the best fighting game allowing to create any move you can think of even moves such as 1 hit punches or super energy blasts that are super cheap and turn the tide of battle even if you were losing. This game would make fighting game tourneys even more exciting than actual girls.

Created by the legendary team that created Big Rigs this is a revolution in the Fighting game industry. Grab a copy today.”

Taken from the The Book of Michael “Tousen” Aged 21


One thought on “Grab a Copy Today

  1. Brownie Boy says:

    wow where can i get a copy?


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