Unfortunate Names #1

Some people are cursed with embarrassing forenames, some are tarred with hideous surnames. Those people did well to survive the school playgrounds and these survivors would have ultimately gone on to become bigger, better, faster, stronger.

But there are some people who’s full names cause confusion, denial and, I’m sure sometimes, suicide.

The importance of this person’s name was not immediately apparent until Dr Hock had to call the the source of a faxed quotation. All seemed to be in order until the last page, whereby the four pages of doom were signed-off by a person named so ridiculously that it begged belief.

Not quite sure whether this was a wind-up we called the gentleman in question, expecting the ‘phone to be answered by Master Bates, Mr Eric Chun or their their boss Mr Hugh Japsee. It turned out that the namesake of a certain Chris Morris character indeed did answer the ‘phone and confirmed who he really was.

“Hello, Wayne speaking, how can I help?”

Please note that The Waiting Room is NOT going to be descending into a re-run of Esther’s “That’s Life”, this continuous sub-humorous commentary on non-amusing photographs is only temporary. Unless of course we find a root vegetable in the shape of a large penis and balls.

The potion of the fax containing the masturbatory moniker is as follows:


One thought on “Unfortunate Names #1

  1. Brownie Boy says:

    the other day on facebook i saw that there is a person in the world called Michael Hunt!


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