Winter Danglers

Like arsegrapes, they appears swiftly and silently overnight, revealing themselves at the first sign of a cold snap, dangling painfully, looking loosely attached but if you gave them a tug, one would find that many have been there since last year: their roots just hidden away from view.

Sticking out like a sack of sore thumbs, bringing them to one’s lips a sour taste would be left. It hurts to think of what evil force create these hanging disasters, let alone how one would remove them silently and quickly.

Arsegrapes, Haemorrhoids, Grapenuts, Asteroids, Nurembergs (Trials), Bum Dumplings, Gentleman’s Grapes, Arseticles whatever one calls them, Christmas Decorations should stay right up the arse of the scummers until mid December at the very earliest.

I took this photo last year….these cunts hung their Malformed Cuntinsel ON OR BEFORE THE 10TH OF NOVEMBER!!!!! Imagine living next door to these imbeciles?! Imaging living next door to that shit for 60 days of the year. For 1/6 of a year? Peace be with you, oh dwellers of Sandwell (or wherever it was)….

Please hold back on this torture, if only because my birthday is in early December *sobs*


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