NEWS – PS3 game Haze pulled.

Today game developer Free Radical Design have had to recall “several hundred thousand” copies of it’s newest game from stores around the country due to what it is calling a “Packaging Irregularity”.

This highly anticipated game, one of a long line of established First Person Shooters, has had nothing but trouble since it’s official announcement at E3 in 2005. The impact of this latest problem will have massive effect on it’s sales, particularly when Free Radical were relying heavily upon a healthy November / December launch in time for the festive holidays.

What is not known is quite what details caused the game to be removed and re-packaged. In recent months there have been other high-profile last-minute-withdrawals, with some in-game content alleged to contain racism and even jibes at the disabled.

Ubisoft, who publish Haze have forwarded the new artwork with an accompanied press release, to go someway to calm the baying fans and journalists alike. The release is as follows:

Wednesday 15th November 2007

Dear Haze Fans,

It is with regret that, here at Ubisoft, we have been forced to take the decision to re-package the Free Radical Blockbuster “Haze“. As we are currently consulting legal help on this matter and with this action being somewhat out of our control, we cannot go into much detail at this present time, other than to guarantee that the game WILL release on schedule and the game WILL be the same build.

• Increase prime manufacturing efficiency
• Reduce the direct costs
• Improve overall demand management.

• Raise service response levels to current market.
• Shorten the artwork change cycle.
• Reduce dramatically the costs of obsolescence.
• More value from the current packaging investments
• Improve product security
• Cut packaging waste

Like you all, we are looking forward to what will be a defining moment for the PS3.

(We enclose the new launch material)

Kind regards

David Yarold
Ubisoft Communications

New Packaging courtesy of UbiSoft / Free Radical Design.

3 thoughts on “NEWS – PS3 game Haze pulled.

  1. PepperPot says:

    All that reading for that? Thats crap….


  2. Your comment has violated the Waiting Room’s terms and conditions.You will be allowed to re-post following a course of specific psychological conditioning.


  3. PepperPot says:

    Its still quite crappy..


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