Mathmatical Review #1 – "30 Days of Night"

John Carpenter’s thilm thing, “The Thing”.
Because it’s cold. And has Beards.
And it’s about a thing which changes you to a similar thing to “the thing” using it’s intergalactic skills.
And 100 gallons of Albert Whitlock’s rubber latex.
Ah and some dogs get deathed to dead.

Because it’s cold.
And some people die.
But not because it’s cold.
Because someone cold deaths them to death.


“Night of the Living Dead”
AKA, “Shed of the Dead”
AKA, “Shack Attack”


The old trick of, “It’s for my cancers”.


The nonthreatening Danny Huston.
He could be your special uncle.
Who only comes to visit you in the night.


Marilyn Monsoon, but not his dwarf wife.


Nosferatu and his dead fiddler


Chris and Sony’s Bug Eyed “Meentil Weelth” Bitch


A little bit of Klingon plucked from the Star Trek arse.
Hcla Kgh!!!


Chris Cunningham’s skinny granny shouter.


A bearded loner.
Who’s not skinny and probably doesn’t shout at grannies.


With a secret penchant for suicide missions.



One thought on “Mathmatical Review #1 – "30 Days of Night"

  1. PepperPot says:

    Where has my bloody comment gone? Piece of shite/cunt/wank website.


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