Search Words


Sometimes Dr Hock’s Waiting Room becomes self aware. This is normally a temporary problem and the technicians often have it sorted within a couple of hours. In the meantime, here’s a few hits this place has received recently via search engines.

What worries me more is not the fact people are searching for the (concerning) phrases in the first place, but the worry is that Dr Hock’s Waiting Room came up as a search result. In a “tip of the hat” to Something Awful, here’s a few real search words which let the (innocent) Google users into the surgery.

Toodle Pip.

(Technician’s Voice) “There he is, GET THE CUNT”


3 thoughts on “Search Words

  1. PepperPot says:

    Get a life you ginger/blonde granny fecker…’google search my ass’..Radio 2 FFS..gah..


  2. That made less sense than the entire web site. Quite an achievement. Well done.


  3. Brownie Boy says:

    i especially liked the anally violated one lol


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