Now get back to work, Suckers.

61.5 million people live on these fair Isles
2 of them can’t draw the Union Flag correctly.

29.1 million people work
Some also work at other fast food outlets

32.4 million people don’t work
Some are working hard at testing my patience.

10.3 million of them are over 65yrs
1 is a Dirty Old Man.
Many work. But not as rag-and-bone men.

12.5 million of them are under 16yrs
12.5 million of them are under the influence.

7.9 million are of working age and are “Economically Inactive”.
Many annoy me because they are having fun rather than dole dodging.

1.7 million are unemployed
0.8 million of these claim “dole”
Sky TV has 0.8 million daytime subscribers.

2.7 million claim incapacity benefit
Homebase announce record profits in 2007.

Now get back to work, Suckers.

Figures taken from the national office of statistics Oct 2007 and Lenard Cheshire’s Parliamentary Update July 2007.
*figures are approximations based on ratios confirmed by the OOS and the spread of dual claimants is not known. This article is a sweeping generalisation for comic effect you complete set of bastards.
Population approx 61,510,000*
Population of working age
Pop under 16yrs approx
12,500,000* 1 in 5
Pop Over 65yrs approx
10,290,000* 1 in 6
of who claim
Economically “Inactive”
2,714,950 are claiming Incapacity Benefit


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