Pot Noodle Vs The World

It would be rude to label any other noodle food,
or to ladle a poorer brother of the mother of all noodle feuds.

The meal with no bowl is the real deal with soul,
like James Brown, Pot Noodle “feels good” sliding down.

“A King of Pot Food” could be construed as “A Bling of Hot Fuelled”,
but let’s not brood on the title of who’s the winner for diners of potted dinners.

Chunks of soya phallus pretending it’s chicken,
but not finger lickin’, in reality it’s a fallacy dripping
on work, shirt and dirt.

Go fetch me a lawyer to sue Pot Noodle Power Station
and claim compensation for this conned-substration of fake hen,
which I’m quite fond of now and then.



One thought on “Pot Noodle Vs The World

  1. Bjam says:

    I think its in Cowboy Bebop the movie, when in the not too distant future instant noodle companies have invented a way to heat up the container without the use of boiling water. In theory that would make Pot Noodle an even lazier bastard snack than it currently is. The future’s bright, the future’s pot.


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