Sony Drop the Price of the PS3

My corner shop reduces the price of goods all the time. Normally it’s because the goods are:

a) Uncompetitively priced,
b) Reached their “best before date”,
c) Broken,
d) Partially rotten,
e) Out of Date,
f) Not selling.



3 thoughts on “Sony Drop the Price of the PS3

  1. Bjam says:

    I left a Yop (yogurty drink) in the garden for a month (by accident). When I returned to the same spot a flying lid whizzed passed my head, like dairy shrapnel. The once yummy yogurty insides had decomposed into a jizzy, glue substance. A metaphor maybe, or is it? IS IT? I don’t know, i’m asking.


  2. Disgusting.You eat “Yop”?http://www.selfpromotionofmyblogeventhoughthereisalinkoffthemainpageanywaycalled”hesnotdead”.com


  3. Bjam says:

    I did…its nice…I think…or maybe I was meant to think that.Its easy in hindsight to say that Sony should have been:a) less arrogant and not ridden on their past success and loyal fan base to pull them throughb) shouldn’t of included an ultra expensive DVD player which most people lack the films to watch on it. Its the PSP, UMD, OMFG all over again.


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