(Two auctions, two matching lamps 99p each, delivery £7.50 each, location is just up the road from the surgery)

*Hi there Aidan Lucky Sevens,
Would you take an offer for the two lamps (matching bar and circle style)? My newly decorated kitchen has asked me to get some bargainous lamps for it’s ceiling.
Dr Hamhock

*No probs,
try a figure as I can combine postage which I reckon would be £10 for the pair


Do you accept collections on your products?
Dr Hamhock

but both myself and the other half work late and weekends so are hardly ever at home, so much easier to post !

*Dear Aidan
Is that a Nes or a Yo? Or a Maybibly?
Dr Hamhock


will have to post out as me and my partner will be away and both are never at home. So will have to post i’m afraid

*Hi Aidan,
That’s fine. I can wait until the next time it is convenient.
Please advise how you would like the payment to be made.
Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Dr Hamhock

*No probs,
have left with my parents to post. If you can pay by paypal, will arrange for them to post immediately.
Kind regards

*Dear Aidan,
This is abviously not “Eccellente“.
Like a Ferrero Rocher Ambassador, my buying is noted in eBay society for it’s exquisite feedback. But I’m afraid, you’re not “really spoiling me”.
I don’t make a habit of winding up sellers, far from it, and when I’m told I can “possibly” collect, only to be told “no” after actually winning the items, I naturally assume something more sinister is at work. Even more sinister than the abomination of a sweet crunchy shell surrounding a nutty liquid chocolate centre.
Please advise how we can resolve this matter amicably.
Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time.
Dr Hamhock

*Dear Dr HamHock
Whilst I appreciate your comments, I suggested that I MAY be willing to have the buyer collect, however, you made a bid where the auction CLEARLY stated £7.50 postage and packing per items. You’ve got two lights for 99p each, if you want to buy thems, then please pay £16.98 via Paypal and I will gladly send them out, wrapped in Ferrero Rocher gold wrappers if you prefer. If you don’t want to buy them and pay the postage as you committed in your bid, then thats fine, I will just relist them. I don’t really mind either way.

*Dear Aidan,
Thank you for your swift and informative response.
As a good-will gesture (and to avoid a smear of poo on my perfect record) I will honour the £1.98 selling price to cover your costs, as I cannot smell the value in £15 worth of carriage. This will allow you to re-list the items.
I hope this is a satisfactory conclusion to events.
Kind regards
Dr Hamhock

*Dear Dr Hamhock
Frankly, am not that bothered about your £1.98 and have duly refunded it.

“AIDAN – Don’t die of ingorance”


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