Is the mower self-propelled? Does it leave stripes?
many thanks

*Hi Catherine.
The Mower is correctly listed as a “PUSH” type and mower is not self propelled (I wish it was, as they appear to be in demand by the lazy gardeners of the UK).
As for stripes, I found out today that the “roller”, found on older machines, has been replaced by a heavy flap, which “wipes” the grass, giving that “Wembley” look. You can see this on the rear photo.
My last mower (a 1980’s version of this one) did not have this new fangled technology!!!
I updated my description to more accurately to inform anyone bidding.
I hope this helps.
Kind regards
Dr Hamhock

*Thanks for getting back to me.
I’ll probably need some mechanical assistance, not normally ‘lazy’ but convalescing after an op so could do with some helpful horsepower!

*Kind words Catherine,
I do hope you recover quickly so you will have plenty of time to trim your bushy back garden.
My apologies if I offended you as you are obviously not a lazy person.
A self-propelled machine will definitely help, especially with uphill gardening.
If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.
Very nice speaking with you and good luck.
Dr Hamhock


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