Food Mop

Stan the punk’s still drunk,
feels stick and can’t stand up.

Our man is eating the chips from the van,
with no seating he stands.

This shit-faced man is shovelling chips,
scoffing the potato he ate all he was troughing.

The shit-in a tray goes someway,
to allowing the shit-faced to stay away and play.

Guides whole meat pie to meet guy’s pie-hole.

He walks while sodden chips and crust,
stick strong to wooden forks.

Half a can of Coke and laughter,
causes bloke to choke and half boke.

But doesn’t halt, cease or trouble,
the continued salt and grease shovel.

Chip paper greased by food,
meets pooed creased shit paper.

From the frying pan to the shit pan.
Pan to Pan, the Chip Man called Stan.

His night out bite out is shat right out,
with meat and drink dropped from toilet stink-seat into the drink.


2 thoughts on “Food Mop

  1. uncle jen says:

    That was deep man*wipes tear away from eye*


  2. Anything which probes deep and brings a tear to one’s eye should be avoided.We’ll have to refer you to a specialist.


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