Red Bus Air Race

Ms Sarah Christofi
Press Office
Red Bull Air Race

Dear Ms Christofi,

Thank you for the kind offer of priority tickets for this year’s UK leg of the RED BULL AIR RACE. I am indeed thankful for recognising my frustration at the ill-fated, disastrous and disorganised 2006 event, held last year in Longleat Park.

It has been noted that you have now moved this year’s event to the heart of our capital city we here call “London”. I am disappointed that you are not using the magnificent Longleat Park for the show this year, as I do believe it was the perfect venue: open fields, good parking and great views from the entire site.

On the way to the 2006 Longleat event, I myself had my own Airshow. Although quite whether sticking one’s head out of a car window and shouting, “wibble” really constitutes an “Airshow”, I’m not too sure. After sitting cluelessly in traffic-jams for over six hours, then finding out the race is cancelled, reality tends to exit through the passenger door and insanity climbs in through the sun-roof. And takes a shit on your head. While laughing. Metaphorically speaking, of course.

Am I thinking of taking up you offer of attending the 2007 London Red Bull Air Race this year?

I’d rather gnaw my own kneecaps off than watch an airshow in a city which doesn’t have enough room for all the people who live there, let alone enough room for a fucking plane race.

For all it’s magnificence: commercially, historically and artistically, LOLondon is a city first and airfield last: I wouldn’t try to butter a horse, neither would I try to ride a slice of toast around Ascot.

The last time an airshow was held at a major city was in 2001 and it wasn’t quite the success which the organisers presumed it would be. Maybe performing aerobatics in two Boeing 767’s didn’t suit the New York skyline at the time, but I understand two of the offending “obstacles” have since been removed, opening up the skies for more televised enterplanement.

Why pay between £22 and £40 to sit around digging-out black bogeys, while slowly realising that there will no way of getting home that evening, trapped inside a 7.5 million capacity concrete cell.

The only option would be to chuck one’s self in the Thames and drink your way home.

Yours Sincerely

Dr Hamhock MD


2 thoughts on “Red Bus Air Race

  1. Delmorpha says:

    Slowly digesting your site in my lunch breaks – this has to be one of the funniest things I’ve read in a while! 😀


  2. CheersPSYou’re banned.😦


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