Raaaaaaaa You Muthafuckers!!!! Raaaaaaa CHOP CHOP” – 300

Sweaty hairless men impailing the ailing Persian aim-men.
Alas, no elephant or Rhino can pass, the Spartan Barmy Army,
Led by their King, an actor who’s Scot but not,
He’s a Greek fighting geek, who normally wears Tartan.

A camp wannabe God would be pleased,
If our Greek-Jock dropped to his knees,
Instead of a fullspeed spear-release,
Into the cheek of the 8ft bejewelled queer-tease.

Masked asians and bombs don’t faze-them,
The 300 amazing brazen.

Bodies sliced thrice with bloody dices.
Performed in slo-motion approaching,
Smashing, plunging and gouging limbs go flying, the Persians continue dying.

“No harm in trying” – Sparta
“No arms! I’m Dying!” – Persia

“Tonight we dine in hell”, I hope the wine sits well,
Bright red and full of body.
A world record mixed grill, for 300 killed,
who like their steaks served bloody.


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