Unsane – Scrape

Unsane are a band I hold dear to my heart. A trio of noisemongers who found an unique equilibrium of noise. Broken glass guitar, razor bass and thunderstorm drums.

Perfecting the break-even point between just enough gain just enough pain, pushing the distortion without toppling it to the floor. Only ever enough distortion.

Gravel ripped vocals smothered in wire-wool. The mouth-growls , still dripping with blood and puss, wrenched orally from the mid section of a squeaking, squealing small mammal. Always coherent. Only ever just enough distortion.

A Goliath of a bass sound, ripping up oak trees, one in each hand, and laying waste to Suburbia-ville, clotheslining rooftops off with the backhand and clearing the lower floors with the returning forehand. Cars, bricks, metal, glass falling beyond the horizon. Only ever just enough distortion.

Unsane doing what they do best…… Lowlighting pain, distrust and a bathfull of blood. Only ever enough distortion.


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