Word of the Week – Slumped

Wondering whether the word “slumped” is being used incorrectly, my obsessive alterego, Dr Hock will now take you through the mis-use, raping and bum-barking of the word “Slumped”. Here are a selection of uses other than that of “over the keyboard, stinking of cock”, “in a pool of his own faeces” or indeed “backwards into Auntie Ethel’s cleavage”.

1. To fall or sink heavily; collapse
2. To droop, as in sitting or standing; slouch
3. To decline suddenly; fall off
A drooping or slouching posture

Optimism in Afghanistan has slumped in the past year”
“Pets may boost slumped velvet market”
University sports standards have slumped beyond imagination in recent times”

“Large slumped dark purple glass plate with surface decorated with sandblasted gold”

Slumped Over Keyboard Dead”
“Her body was slumped in the shower, she was fully dressed and was lying in a huge pool of blood,”
“Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi, 70, slumped at the podium at a rally”
“Police find man ‘slumped over steering wheel”

“Basketball Coventry Crusaders slumped to a disappointing league defeat against Manchester Magic”
TEN-MAN City slumped to defeat at Stamford Bridge”
“England slumped towards an almost inevitable defeat in the fourth Ashes Test today”


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