Ideas for an Easier Life #1

Dear Mr Smallman,

Should one be in the unfortunate paradox of having a name which could easily be read phonenically as “Seen Small Man”, the DrHock Life Council suggests either:

a) a diet other than that of pies, lard, butter and midgets.
b) a name change to one which describes you more accurately. ie “Bully me, I’m a Big Fat Manager”.

Sean Smallman. Congratulations for surviving the bullies at school and we, here at the clinic, honour the way you are “getting your own back” at horrible society by pushing around the immigrant workforce and “testing” the pastries before opening.
“Customers please note, these toilets are cleaned by men and women staff. But the breakfasts are served by fatty”. Now go and prepare us all a £13 BLT you cunt.

Kind regards

Dr Hock MD
The Hock Clinic for Social Disfunction


One thought on “Ideas for an Easier Life #1

  1. Dear sir,Thankyou for your comments, and of course your recent visit. Next time you visit Knutsford Services my friend, please do not hesitate to seek me out and deliver your feedback in person.I will be quite easy to spot, I’m the “fat cunt” of course.Should that not suffice in helping you spot me – just look around for the portly gentleman laughing uncontrollably in the corner, as I wait to see the dawning realisation on your smug face as you eventually clock that I have yet again replaced the mayo in your £13 BLT with my very own knuckle glitter….May I take this opportunity to thank you for your continued custom at Moto, KnutsfordYours sincerelyMr S. Smallman


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