Monthly Archives: November 2006

An Inconvenient Truth

In parts bordering on mature Cheddar, An Inconvenient Truth, is an lesson in simple, powerful and clear documentaries making. Quite simply one of the most inspirational factual films you will find anywhere on general release. It’s so good, in fact, it runs a close third behind the likes of, “The Man with the Exploding Arms” and “The World’s Biggest penis”.

Between personal moments of nostalgic-Gorgonzola (which would make even our rotten-milk loving Wallace vomit noisily into his own lap), Al Gore presents a clear, no-spin explanation of the world’s impending doom. Using the passion and personality which took him to victory in the 2000 presidential campaign, the very well informed Gore presents the issue of Global Warming in a supremely effective and digestible manner.

Funny, startling and shocking, An inconvenient Truth is the Bullet in your Bullet Points, and shows us all exactly what power should really mean in “PowerPoint”. Time to close windows and get the flip charts out on our embarressing and dangerously wasteful world.