Hello, Hello

After a couple of months away from the surgery, your f(r)iendly Doctor is back a taking appointments from week commencing 20th November 2006.

Unfortunately, he himself requires a period of self-consultation for a number of ailments. The reading material for this period of catharsis is as follows:

Juggling: How to keep Two Balls in the Air at once – Boris Donut
How to Make Friends and Pummell People – David Minimilk
Stomach Ache: Is is the Weight of my Penis, or Just Too Many Tic-Tacs? – Dr Brian Divan
Do Mad Birds Make Good Batty-Buffers? – Thomas Boilflick
To Wii or Not to Wii: Prostate Gamers in the 21st Century – Reggie Trickle
Do you put ALL or SOME of your weight behind it? – Jonathan Winkle
Alcohol: Friend or Fiend or Findus Fish Fingers? – Frank Wagstaff
21 Egg Based Cures for Hangovers – Dr Donald M Frisky
Hand Jobs: When Careers in Manual Labour Become Messy – Terry Chickenneck
You are a Fucking Mess: Ken Kutaragi Can Suck my Fucking Balls – Terence Bitter
Whatever Happened to the Tale of the £5 Note? – Ella Sheggles<br>

This list is by no means exhaustive.


4 thoughts on “Hello, Hello

  1. I’m looking forward to the sequel of Whatever Happened to the Tale of the £5 Note?. When’s it due out?


  2. You’re banned. Take your Smeggles and get out of here.


  3. Yes, I too am eagerly awaiting The Tale of the £5 Note.

    Are you going to ban me too?


  4. Nah, i’ll let you stay. You’re “special”.


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