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Apart from looking partularly queer, there is a problem in society which goes undiscussed, unnoticed in professional circles, but is costing the global economy millions in lost productivity.

From personal experience, the snooze button is wasting around an hour of my life every working day, every working week. The mathwrongs add up to something like 10,400 hours lost to the avarage Joe who ends up working until 65. That’s 433 days lost, 61 weeks blomped panwards.

Why on earth did the alarm clock manufacturers decide the snooze button was a good idea? Having a button to hit to stop pause the machine whose sole purpose in life is to wake you up.

Every morning people around the world play a queer game of “slow-motion” track and Field”, twitching and tapping away every 9 minutes on their mobile phones and bedroom alarm clocks, desperately trying to increase the time in bed. The truth is the 9 minutes you get from a snooze, is just crap sleep. But it’s oh so tempting sleep. Nice warm duvet sleep.

Ah, just another few more minutes in bed. I can have a super quick shower when I get up, or I’ll skip breakfast. Just 11 more sweet minutes of lying in my own bumsmell and sweat. Click. Ahh, just

I had thought that our prayers had been answered. There is a book dealing with this very issue. It’s called “The Snooze-Syndrome:Having the Desire without the Discipline”. Screaming like a girl at the thoughts that a solution could be found, I screamed “Halleuhah” and started my indepth research (looked on ebay).

Here’s a rather positive exerpt taken from that very book. Things were looking up already:

Here are ten good reasons to get up early:

  1. You’ll get a lot more accomplished as an early-riser.
  2. You’ll be in a better mood all day.
  3. You’ll have less stress because you didn’t start your day in a hectic rush.
  4. You’ll be on-time or—better still—early at your job, and your boss will love you for that.
  5. You’ll have a leg-up on the competition.
  6. Your mind has its most energy and creativity immediately after rest, so you’ll have more good ideas and plans.
  7. Your relationships will improve because you will have more patience to deal with people.
  8. You can find some true quiet time in the morning hours, for meditation, communication with God, and becoming centered for the day ahead.
  9. You can beat some of the traffic and avoid the worst of the traffic jams.
  10. You’ll look better because you’ll have needed time for important grooming activities and clothes preparation!

Here’s where I gave up on the idea that the book would be of any help at all. Infact, I would be better off tieing meat to my face and training a hungry lion to wake me up:

“I’m focusing on some ideas for those who have the drive but lack the discipline. If you ask me, discipline is always a pain in the neck, so please don’t expect to like it. But remember what Solomon tells us in Proverbs about discipline: it is the way to life and understanding and honor. So, acquiring needed daily disciplines is a very smart and rewarding thing for you to do.”