The Importance of Lists

Probably more notorious for their involvement in the Nazi death camps (Beppin excluded), the simple act of pen on paper, chalk on slate and instructions on the consciousness, on are the key to mankind’s evolution.

This daily art is the one of fitting in the writing an letter to Granny Grunt and then picking up a pack of fags, while deciding you just have to have a Dairy Milk and a strawberry and banana smoothie, before filling the car up, selecting a Throbbing Whaleherds CD to play, then going home for a cry, wank and game of . My experiences aside, of course.

The beginning of life and growth of an embryo through to old age and death, all determined by a pre arranged list of markers in the genome.

They key to getting anything completed (or started for that matter) relies on the decision to need or want it. one can spend their whole life struggling to keep up with the ever expanding list of wants, without ever standing back and giving the “needs” a good sorting through.

Nature has a lovely way of making the decisions for you. DNA and subconscious lists and instructions. Natures lists are not editable. They are always there. You can choose to re-proiritise many of them, but the vast majority are way way out of your control;.. In many cases they are way out of control. Sex, warmth, comfort, greed, love, hunger. The strongest, Vulcanised, of us have a great advantage in that they can put these subconscious lists away for when it is either appropriate, or when it is comfortable for them to do so.

The Masters are those of us who use natures shopping lists to power their own desires and “wants”, often propelling them to great heights of social, intellectual and artistic power.

The simplest of us are those who require lists to go about their daily business without breakdown. And there are many of us. Shopping, household chores, contacting loved ones.

To some of us it is a necessity to go forward in life. When their ever increasing lists of social, domestic and artistic requirements reaches critical mass, the body’s own subconscious “requirements” become a safety net or comfort blanket. Sexual satisfaction overriding the worry of non-completion. Eating and overcoming comfort, overrides the positive social activities required by the person. Sleep and rest becoming a happy substitute for interaction and creativity.

For those of us effected in this way, a life without conscious lists is only temporary. Subconsciousness is always a very dark, dangerous, happy and comfortable place to be.

The favorite tipple of the masses? Gin and Catatonic.


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