Four Men Forever

To bang on, for four years solid, about one of your favorite bands of all time, is one thing.

For a group of musically informed people to bang on about the same band, for the same amount of time. That’s another thing.

When the said band only ever released two demos, a total of maybe nine tracks. And for those tracks to be held in such high regard, that at every party and every get together, people never, ever tire of enjoying the music.

When indeed those very tracks are talked about in the same breath as some of the greatest pieces of rock music ever made, then something is definitely going wrong.

When the band’s live performances are held in such high esteem, that they are described as being on a par with the greatest live bands in the last 15 years, then questions need to be asked.

All of their contemporaries could only follow behind a tsunami sized wake, driven only by inspiration and admiration, knowing that this band were the musical destination itself and not the long journey.

We raise our plastic pint glasses to the greatest band to have never lived.


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