Scone Watch #4

General Rules of scoring
For a “level playing field” the scones need to be rated whenever they become available. At all times, everytime. The scone judge is never off-duty. Only sweet scones qualify for judging and the judge must pick the most ill-formed scone from the pile. Butter with strawberry jam are the prime veneers, marks will be lost for any other variation. Scones may be complimented with a hot beverage such as tea.

Version Tested
Haywoods & Padgets
“6 Derby Scones with juicy Currants”

The Ghetto

Morrissons English Butter.
Robertsons Strawberry Jam
Mucho moistness.
Fruit was indeed tasty, despite its aged and incontinlooks.

Morrissons English Butter.
A little sticky.
A little too crumbly (unknown as to whether this was due to “pre-packagement”).
No notable signs of baking, burning or toasting.(Only a dull brown cap was visible).
Fruit was small and dry.
Very regular shape.
A little salty.

“It was a voyage into the known, not wanting to make the grading process exclusive, I felt it was important to “keep it real” and “remember my roots”. Remember that where I came from is a million miles away from where I am today. My life as Doctor Hock is far removed from the scone slums of my childhood. Don’t be fooled by the scones that I’ve got. I’m still, I’m still Hock from the Block.
Eating gangscones( or “G-Cakes” as they are known in the ghetto) reminded me of harder times, time where my crew didn’t hold the respek it now has. Times when we had to pay for our flour-based treats, not like now. No, not like now.
I’ll never go back to the Sconx and Sconklyn where we hung out. Never again. I never ever want to have to scrape the bottom of the jam jar to get my fix. I want a full to the brim Jamageddon for the rest of my life. Peace. Out”

5 out of 10


3 thoughts on “Scone Watch #4

  1. gymslip says:

    I’d recognise those “Ghetto” plates anywhere…..sniff, yeah man.


  2. We refer to them as G-Discs and they are often “Locked in the Closet”.


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